TIL: Returning a JSON Field From Rails GraphQL

April 28, 2020

Sometimes a key in your GraphQL response needs to be a JSON object, and you can't define it in any greater granularity. This is often the case when the object's keys are different depending on specific logic rules. I had this exact problem today. The simplest way to deal with this is to define a custom JSON type in a separate module. You might end up with a few of these for various custom data types over time, so it's good to start a graph_utils/types folder to keep them together:

module GraphqlUtils::Types
Json = GraphQL::ScalarType.define do
name 'JSON'
description 'JSON type'
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Then, when you define your field types for your GraphQL response, use:

field :aJSONField,
'A field with freeform JSON data',
property: :a_json_field
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Now the aJSONField key can contain any JSON data, of any shape. This is a surprisingly common use case in the project I'm currently working on.